Optimize Your Instagram With These 6 Simple Steps

Is your business on Instagram? Great, Let’s talk about it! Here are 6 simple steps you can use to optimize and set up your profile for success!

If you are planning to run ads or find clients using Instagram then you want to make sure your profile highlights exactly what you do, how you can help others and that you are showing up consistently for your business. These 6 steps are super easy to implement and will help you get your business set-up for success on Instagram.

Remember! If you are planning to run Facebook & Instagram ads soon or in the future growing and having an engaged organic following on Instagram can really help boost the performance of ads.

So with that in mind, here are 6 steps to help you optimize your Instagram:

Step #1 - BIO

Make sure that your Instagram BIO clearly states who you are, who you serve and how you do it! Your personal branding statement should let visitors to your profile know exactly what you can do and how you can help them.

Include your title in the name field because this is searchable on Instagram.


Dana | Facebook Ads Strategist

Sarah | Life & Business Coach

The last line of your bio should have a CTA (call-to-action) statement on what they will find when they click your website link. Have a link to your calendar to book a discovery call, a landing page to subscribe to your newsletter and receive a freebie, or a page with multiple links for the different actions you want people to take.

Lastly, use emojis to show some personality!


Make sure that your account is in the correct business category and has a cohesive theme. This will help you become more recognizable and people will start to anticipate your content. Be consistent about what type of content you post. Committing too consistency will help your audience know exactly what to expect.

Choose a minimum of 3 topics or content pillars to talk about consistently on your profile. Keep it related to your niche and post content that is empowering, educational and entertaining. This will help grow those raving fans and turn them into paying clients!


If you’re not already using Instagram stories than your missing out! And if you’re not using the Highlights feature then let’s change that ASAP.

This feature allows you to pin Stories to the top of your Instagram profile without the 24-hour lifespan. Essentially, you can use this feature to promote your services, feature testimonials, pin mini trainings, showcase behind the scenes of your routine and so much more!

You can easily customize your highlights using Canva to stay on brand and keep the cohesive theme of your profile going. So easy!!

Step #4 – HASHTAGS

Did you know you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. As much as possible, maximize the 30 hashtags that Instagram will allow in every post to get higher reach and impressions.

Do your research though and have a bank of hashtags that are relevant to your niche. Also look at the number of times each hashtag is used. It’s good to have a mix of high-volume hashtags with lower and more niche hashtags to help get your content seen.

Don't bother with including hashtags in your stories anymore. Instagram no longer shows these in the discovery page and it won't increase your views.

Visit your competitors and ideal clients’ accounts⁠. Scroll through their posts and list out the top hashtags they are using. This will help you create a bank of ultra-niche hashtags that are relevant to your content. ⁠

Use the search bar⁠. Once you have a list, check the hashtag for the number of posts it has and categorize them from:

NICHE (20k – 50k)

LOW (100k-400k)

MEDIUM (500k-1M)

HIGH (1M+)

If you have a small following still, you should try to avoid hashtags that are super popular because your content will just get buried in the feed.⁠ It’s ok to use some of them, but try to focus on those real niche hashtags that your target audience is following. Lastly, always remember to TEST, TEST, TEST!

Step #5 - REELS & VIDEO

Instagram's latest announcement came out saying that they are no longer a photo sharing app but a video sharing app instead. Don't worry photo's aren't going anywhere, but they will begin favouring video content more over photos.

So now is a great time to start implementing video content into your social media marketing strategy. Start by making short reels, even if you don't show your face, these can be super easy to make and entertaining for your audience.

Make a post on your feed then hop on for a couple minutes and talk about it. Maybe don't give away too much in your post and instead hop on stories and go into more detail face to face with your audience.

Any way we can step out of our comfort zone and show up for business helps you better connect with your audience and brings in new people once they see your sparkling personality shine through!


The more engagement you have = more reach. Which means that the more people who will engage your content, either by likes or comments, the more Instagram will prioritize and show your content to other account's feeds.

Consistent engagement will result in an increase of followers. If you have a high engagement number than these followers are genuinely interested in your business or services and with the right strategy, can turn into valuable clients.

But it’s NOT all about the numbers! Sure, it would be nice to have 10k+ followers, but what about the followers you do have now. Are you nurturing those relationships? Are you engaging with those people on a daily basis? Either through a welcome message or engaging back with their content?

Chances are your ideal clients are already following you and those followers are just as important as the new ones!

I hope these tips help you gain some clarity on the best ways to utilize Instagram to grow your business and continue to thrive!